Dear Folake/Should I leave my stable job for a new, riskier but more exciting opportunity?

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I have been in my current role for over five years. The job is not exciting but the company is stable and the people on my team are like family. Last month, my current boss has assured me that I will be promoted by early 2017 and the promotion will come with more money which she indicated will be about 15% more than I currently make

Last week, I interviewed for a new position at a start up company that will pay about 35% more than I am currently making, the potential new job is exciting and it is exactly what I have been hoping for. 

The new start up company just called me yesterday to let me know that I got the job. I am excited but also conflicted. Should I leave my stable job that has promised me a promotion and more money next year? Or should I join the start up that offers more money now as well as growth and learning opportunities but the future is less certain?

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