Dear Folake/Should I tell?

I work in the HR team within my company. My close friend works in the accounting team. He told me privately that he has a job offer but does not want to take it because it would pay 30% less than what he currently makes at our company.

Last week, I was part of a highly confidential management meeting when it was decided that the company will sack about 20% of its employees at the end of the year and my friend is one of those that will be sacked. I want to tell my friend to take the new job because he will be sacked at the end of the year but sometimes he is a basket mouth and I am scared that he will not keep his mouth shut. If he tells anyone this information then I will lose my job but if I don't tell him, I would feel bad because he is a close friend and he has a family to support.

What should I do?