Smile Communications - Employee Review

The Good

The environment is friendly, there is a certain level of freedom to air your views- this may vary per department. 

I feel good being around my colleagues.

The Bad & Ugly

The pay structure is not structured. I think this is general with multinationals though. 

Company pays little attention to employee development. 

Focus is more on getting 'experienced' staff at high cost and less on developing existing staff and increasing their pay. 

Some of the Talent polices are vague and subject to the discretion of the talent staff. This means decision may be made based on emotion. 

E.g. Salary increases are based on discretion, like random selection criteria. (in my opinion) 
Attention is not paid to performance.

Advice to management

1. Pay attention to staff development. Create policies that encourage career growth and development. 

2. Performance appraisals should not be a routine exercise. Results should be reflected in salary increases or benefits to be received. There should be defined criteria for these.

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