Who gets promoted?

A Look at the Personality Traits of People That Move Up in the Work Place

Work is something that most of us must do at some point within our lives. There are a select few individuals that never need to darken the door of any business establishment looking for gainful employment, but it is quite unlikely that you are one of them, so we are going to look at some of the personality traits of those that are most likely to get that all-important promotion in hopes that we can give you a better outlook on what you need to do to rise above your co-workers.

Not Self-Serving

One of the largest misconceptions in companies is that you must step on your competition to gain access to that higher business plane. However, more bosses look at the ability of the individual to lead a team. Leading people is less about your ability to bully them into doing your bidding and more about encouraging their work ethic through an attitude of servitude. This is not to say that you are to be a doormat that allows others to walk all over them, but that you are willing to get your hands dirty and teach those that may not be as advanced in the business some of what you know. A great leader will make a great boss one day and a non-self-serving individual that has the best interest of the company in mind will rise above the rest.


A trait that can be difficult to find around the office is optimism. The vast majority of people throughout the office would much rather be doing something else with their day and therefore can become a bit pessimistic at work. Both pessimism and optimism are quite infectious however pessimism is more so because it is easier to look to the negative. Optimistic people are less frequent in the work place because they are often drowned out by the overbearing pessimist, but your boss wants someone in a leadership position that can inspire others to be their best while on the job. The optimist can do this quite easily because they are eternally looking toward the positive and will therefore encourage the company to grow.

Long Term Thinking

When people are presented with a problem, they will look at the solution in one of two ways. They will either try to find the cheapest solution possible that will essentially prop up the problem until a later date or they will offer a long-term solution that actually addresses the underlying issue and repairs the problem permanently. Those that offer short term solutions are not going to be heading up the executive ladder any time soon because they do not think like an executive must think. The permanent solution is the best solution for any problem.


Time is something that cannot be controlled by humans no matter how hard we try. The marching on of time also brings about change which can be very uncomfortable for many people. We get comfortable within our environment and are unwilling to change because we develop a routine that works. Any interruption in that routine tends to lead our day down a negative path.

Change however is a part of life and being able to adapt to that change is vital to your employment growth. Bosses want to bring people up in the business that can adapt to change because a sudden shift in how things are going will not shake these people. Rigid employees that are unwilling to change will simply stay directly where they are and never move forward.


A humble nature is one aspect of humanity that can be quite difficult to find. Reality TV and even politics portray the most successful people as vicious individuals that do not have an ounce of humble nature within their being. It is a common misconception that these are the individuals that will make it big in the world, but their fame is usually very short lived simply because they lack the ability to be humble.

Some of the most successful people within Hollywood are those that remain humble throughout their careers. They do not make huge ridiculous demands of their staff. Even though they may be big time celebrities they look at others as humans instead of chess pieces to be moved where they wish. A humble attitude will get the attention of your superiors much faster than you screaming into the stratosphere that you are the best for the job.

Becoming successful in business is quite easy if you are willing to put yourself aside for the greater good. Our bosses want people within the company to be promoted that truly want and deserve to be in the position. There are times when an undeserving person will get the position above you, but if you wait and hold your tongue, you will see that in their arrogance, they will ultimately lose that position. Patience is key to your overall business success.

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