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How to find a new job without jeopardising your current job

Employees usually look for a new job for several professional and personal reasons including looking for better pay package, job security, a desire to be closer to relatives as well, etc. The idea of employed individuals searching for a new job is also sometimes motivated by the fact that most bosses prefer to hire workers who are currently employed.

Though job seekers who are currently holding a job have the edge over unemployed applicants, their desire for a better job can also make them unemployed if they don’t take proper measures to secure their current job before hunting for a new one. This is because once an employer finds out that you are interested in another job, they may immediately be looking for your replacement as there is every indication that you will leave them once you secure the new job you are after. Below are some measures you can take to ensure that your search for a new job doesn’t result in you losing your current job.

Don’t include your employers or co-workers on your reference list

Including your current employer on your reference list will make them aware that you intend to leave their business the moment your interviewer contacts them. This may force them to start looking for your replacement without you even securing the new job you are pursuing. It is better to use other previous employers on your reference list. If you think your success at your current job will play a vital role to secure the new job, instead of direct the hiring manager to an important endorsement on your LinkedIn profile issued by your boss or any important colleague. It is thus very advisable to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is always 100% completed.

Avoid using your current employer’s computer, fax machine and other communication means for your job search

Some companies always track their internet usage, and yours can be doing so without you knowing. When your boss finds out that you have been using their internet to search for jobs, your intention to leave them if you find a new job is made known. Using their phones too can also raise this suspicion if they track it. It is, therefore, best to use your personal internet and phone to search for your new job.

Dressing differently may raise the alarm

If you hardly dress in suits and all of a sudden you show up at work in one, your employer may easily become suspicious because the last time he might have seen you dressed like that might be when they were interviewing you.

Always try to schedule your interview during non-working hours

Taking interviews when you are supposed to be at work will raise suspicion on your loyalty. You can inform your interviewer that you would want your job search to be secret for them to try and schedule the interview during hours that you are not needed at work.

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