- Customer Review

Service Date - Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Good

Excellent "packaging" - website looks good, sounds professional, sent nice photos of boats and resorts, appeared to know what they are doing.

The Bad & Ugly

To say the service was a disappointment would be an understatement. It was embarrassing.

Below is what was paid for vs. what was delivered

Paid for - 18 seater boat

Received - 10 seater boat

Paid for - Full menu (starters with small chops - samosa, peppered snails, mossa, puffs and springrolls, main course - fried/jollof rice, French fries with grilled fish/chicken, and dessert - fruit salad/ice cream)

Received - Only grilled fish and turkey, fruit (no rice, no chips and no starters)

Reached out afterwards to the company but there was no response, refund or apology. Very sad that a company can treat its customers this way and I am happy that there's a site where one can share experiences that could serve as cautionary tales for others.

Advice to management

Deliver what customers pay for

Provide better customer service

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