Notore Chemical Industries Limited - Employee Review

The Good

High entry salary as compared to other industries. As a trainee, you earn above 150k.

Job security, Notore hardly sacks employees. Instead you are moved to another department as long as you can function. 

The Bad & Ugly

Promotion is very slow. You stay in a position for more than 4 years. Promotion depends on your line manager. 

Pay rise is tied to promotion. You stay on one salary for years. No COLA(cost of living adjustment) implementation.

Too many office politics. So many cliques and cabals.

No training for employees from year to year. Employees are under trained.

The company is under-staffed, under-payed, and under-trained.

Advice to management

Train and promote employees as and when due.

Restructure the organization's organogram. Put the right people into the right place. 

Close the VERY BIG gap between salary structures. 

Discourage "Oga's boy" promotion syndrome.

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