Diamond Bank - Employee Review

The Good

They train.

They pay well.

Relaxed dress code. 

The Bad & Ugly

All the benefits introduced by Alex Otti has been removed by Uzoma Dozie. Everything... 

Now you will get nothing other than your monthly salary and 13th month. No more profit sharing. No more bonuses based on performance, no more nothing. 

It is also important to note that promotions in Diamond bank are strictly based on ass kissing. If you don't kiss enough ass, forget it. You won't get promoted. They do not use appraisals to promote. Instead the bosses decides who get promoted. For 90% of the bosses to recommend you. You must have kissed enough ass or if you are a female.... Clears throat. This has lead a lot of great minds leave Diamond bank and they are still leaving.

The ethics of the management is that of sacred cows. Some can't get touched and they sack every quarter now. During Alex Otti era they sack every April. Now sack is per quarter. The situation has made people look for elsewhere. The remaining staff are the ones who don't have any offer yet.

Advice to management

Restore integrity by reducing bosses power on promoting staff. Let it be determined by appraisals made by supervisors.

Restore the staff benefits after recession.

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