Chams PLC - Employee Review

The Bad

The management team has no clear business strategy, target market or sustainability strategy for the sustenance of each arm of the subsidiaries.

A lot of the business decisions taken are 'reactive' instead of 'proactive'

Senior positions are filled based on sentiments. The most senior positions are occupied by people who have been with the company from its early days in Surulere in 2 rooms. It doesn't automatically make them qualified for the position but they have the jobs anyway.

At the time I worked there they owed salaries and just expect you to get on with your job still.

Money being deducted from staff members for the cooperative society was never remitted to the cooperative team. It all came to surface when a staff member would resign and the cooperative team would start to stutter about your ''life savings''.

An enabling environment for you to develop yourself is nonexistent. 

No one listens to new ideas. You have to do it the Chams way.

They have thier hands in too many pies and not one of the business arms are self sufficient. 
Too many square pegs in round holes.

The Good

The retired MD - ABA Sir Aladekomo is the kindest, most human person I ever had a chance to work with. He has brilliant ideas for his chain of businesses but lacks the expertise in staff to bring them to life.

The company is committed to giving to charity.

Advice to management

Spend the appropriate resources to hire the right skills for the job. An accountant with all years of experience within the same company cannot overnight head a main IT arm of your business. There will clearly be issues.

Emphasise the importance of professionalism in the workplace and not a cultural environment as it sometimes felt.

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