Smile Communications - Employee Review

The Good

Great people. 

The Bad & Ugly

Very little benefits received as a staff. 
Cost to company salary model. 
Little growth potential - rather than promote, they get a boss for you. 
Performance appraisal is done to fulfill righteousness. It's not used for promotion. It may be used for demotion but not promotion. 
HR department needs a professional on the team
HR works more to put people down and frustrate them rather than aim for their well being.
Training or continuing professional development of staff are not encouraged. 
A lot of staff who work tirelessly ensuring company operations remain top notch are not recognized. Some are even frustrated.

Advice to management

Encourage growth within the company- train staff, promote staff rather than employing outsiders. 

Set up a proper HR department- what you have now are people who do not know what Human Resources entails. Some don't even have any HR qualification. 

If you must do appraisals, follow up on them and promote those who do well.

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