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What the world is talking about

  1. The biggest news is the election of Donald Trump. Few expected it and Hillary seems to have won the popular vote but what really matters is the electoral college which he won. Hillary supporters are not taking the news laying down though as protests have broken out in several cities in the U.S.

What Nigerians are talking about

  1. The Nigerian parliament has ordered a crackdown on the promoters of the MMM scheme. The MMM scheme has been popular with advocates claim to make 30% within 30 days or more in returns within a short time but many others claim its a pyramid scheme.
  2. According to the government, Nigeria lost $450 million last year to cyber attacks

What CorporateGisters are talking about

  1. Dear Folake is generating interesting comments and advice on how best to handle a thorny HR related issue. Share your wisdom!

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