News highlights for Monday, November 14

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What the world is talking about

  1. The aftermath of the US elections continues to dominate the World news. Donald Trump has told his supporters to stop harassing minorities and made his first hire by appointing Reince Priebus, the current chairman of the republican national committee, as his chief of staff.  Meanwhile Hillary Clinton blamed her loss on the FBI director who announced an inquiry into her use of a private email server shortly before the elections. 

What Nigerians are talking about

  1. The major event of the weekend was the 2018 World cup qualifying match between the Nigeria and Algeria. Nigeria's Super Eagles won 3-1 and will face Egypt in a friendly in January 2017

Got some time?

  1. Check out this interesting report by Sahara reporters on how how the Chinese owned company, Huawei which provides over 70% of the end to end telecom services in Nigeria, mistreats its Nigerian staff and takes advantage of lax labor laws/enforcement

What CorporateGisters are talking about

  1. Tips on how to conduct a job search on the DL. 

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