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What the world is talking about

  1. No other issue is as entertaining and for many watchers "stress inducing" as the US elections. The every day battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald "You're fired" Trump has been unpredictable and full of drama. Thankfully, the dance ends today. By tomorrow, if we do not have a repeat of the Gore v. Bush debacle when the Supreme court stepped in to demand a recount of the Florida vote, we should all know who the next president of the United States is.

What Nigerians are talking about

  1. One of the Chibok girls, kidnapped by Boko Haram, was found on Saturday by the Nigerian army. According to the army, she was with her 10 month old son and had escaped from a hideout in the Sambisa forest.
  2. Over the past 3 months, nearly 60% of Nigerian flights were delayed or cancelled. Arik Air, the biggest culprit blamed the delays on lack of aviation fuel because of a shortage of foreign currency to pay suppliers

What CorporateGisters are talking about

  1. The most read article is "How to stay motivated at work even when things are not going well" Our guess is that popularity of the article speaks to how stressful it is to work in many organizations especially right now.
  2. The two most read employee reviews are the ones on "Zenith Bank" and "Diamond Bank". The two reviews are eye opening, well written and provide the gist on how it is to work at the Zenith and Diamond. If you haven't already read the reviews, do so, you will be glad you did.
  3. If you don't have any Microsoft Excel knowledge, you can learn how to use it by watching this video. If you are already an Excel pro but do not know how to create Pivot tables, watch this one.

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